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a. Video game designer salary per month in india Value returned, specified by the return type in the method header b. Erp programmer analyst salary If the return type is non-void, a value must be returned 14. Cnc programmer salary ontario What is method overloading? a. Salary of a computer programmer Creating multiple methods with the same name in the same class b. Computer programmer starting salary 2013 Must have different parameter signatures (type, number, order of parameters) c. Game designer salary hourly Ex. Average salary for computer programmer public double square(double x) { d. Average salary of a game programmer Ex. A game designer salary public int square(int x) { 15. Game designer salary range What is method overriding? a. Computer programming salary 2011 A subclass can replace the method of the parent class b. Average salary of a computer programmer Method with the same name, return type, and parameter signature (and access modifier) c. Software application programmer salary For non-primitive types, return type can be the same or narrower d. Programmer salary in canada Ex. Video game designer salary public void setSalary(double salary) {this.salary = salary;} e. Video game designer salary in south africa Ex. Junior programmer analyst salary @Override public void setSalary(double salary) { 16. What is the salary of a computer programmer How do you create a recursive method? a. Game programmer salary survey Identify a base case (the smallest case for which the method needs to work) and handle it explicitly b. Entry level software programmer salary For larger problems, break them down as close as possible to the base case, and call the method on the reduced problem c. Video game designer starting salary Use if statements and method calls to write a loop d. Web programmer salary You write the method while pretending that you’ve already written it, and then call it from within the method Group 7: 17. Annual salary of a computer programmer What is polymorphism? a. Software programmer starting salary True type vs. Application programmer salary current type. Game designer salary 2013 True Type: Current Type: Aka “runtime type” Aka “compile-time type” Determines what the method does Determines how the method should act Determined by the new operator Determined by a line of code (type, return type, typecast, this) Determines which method is called Determines which methods we can use Never changes Determines which fields are available Type of expression the instance used in 18. Software programmer salary uk What is the difference between the true class and the current class of an object, and how does that determine what method or variable is accessed? a. Junior game programmer salary The true class of the object is the class to which it belongs, according to the new operator b. What is the average salary for a computer programmer The current class of the object is the class type of which it is currently stored c. Computer software programmer salary Determining access for methods i. Web game programmer salary Compiler sees code and determines the type of object before the dot operator, checks the class “object” to see if there is a matching method (name and parameter signature in the class or its parent) 5