Car dealerships – anti theft auto etching stencils _ insta etch vin etching picture etched in glass cube

The Insta Etch utilizes a high resolution, handheld etching stencil printer and easy to use glass etching supplies to rapidly vin etch your vehicle inventory for huge profits. Victorian etched glass patterns Our simple patented vin etching process results in a highly legible window etching. Frosted etched glass An Insta Etch permanent window etching leaves a traceable vin or serial # onto any car glass and benefits vehicle owners with passive anti-theft car protection.

Acid etched or sandblasted glass The Insta Etch 2000 series handheld & wireless vin etching stencil printer is controlled by the unbelievably easy to use custom etching stencil design smartphone app- an entire car can be etched in mere minutes! Integrated with barcode vin scanning, auto serial number printing and emailed detailed reporting, Insta etch stencil printers and glass etching supplies can be effortlessly integrated into any F & I product or existing auto anti-theft warranty program at less than $1.00 per car! With our glass etching equipment and patented process, your dealerships can add hundreds of dollars in F & I revenue, offer vin etching through the service drive or even permanently mark your dealership logo and phone number on every car sold for brand recognition and advertising. Etched glass apothecary jars Finally a profitable and useful tool for your dealership!

Car dealers can markup security etching service over 1000%! Insta Etch provides the opportunity for dealerships to add a profitable auto anti-theft consumer warranty to every vehicle sold with a vin etch. Picture etched in glass cube Successful F & I departments utilizing Insta Etch high resolution vin marking supplies and Insta Etch anti-theft car warranties, can achieve product penetration rates of over 85%. Etched glass inserts Our program brings THOUSAND$ in additional revenue per month! Our warranty is backed by an anti-theft reimbursement up to $5,000 if a vin etched car is stolen and not recovered (some restrictions apply). Etched glass etsy Additional customer benefits include rental car reimbursement, dealership loyalty benefit when they shop for a replacement car back at your dealership, and even partial loss compensation. Etched glass keepsakes The perfect addition to our glass etching kit or our innovative uv asset tags, car buyers can easily see the obvious benefits and value of Insta etch theft deterrent warranties. Etched in glass With virtually no training and device setup required, Insta etch can implement the most profitable add-on product for any car lot. Etched glass light shades to discuss these anti car theft warranties in addition to our innovative glass etching kits.