Chevy impala forums – rust proofing – what’s your method define galvanized

I currently have an ’02 Impala, and much like my ’97 Lumina, I bought it well used with rust starting already, and in essentially the exact same places. Heating galvanized steel I’m looking to (soon) get a much newer car and as close to rust free as possible, and started looking into rust proofing ideas.

Originally, I thought of getting the undercoating spray gun from Princess Auto (Harbour Freight essentially in Canada) since I do my own oil changes and although not the best product to use, it’s also (sorta) free and I can apply myself every Fall. Does galvanized rust My Grandfather use to do that every summer, spray it down then drive up/down a dusty back road so that the dust would get onto the oil and keep it from dripping on the driveway.

Define galvanized steel Car lasted a long time, but old cars (’50s) vs new cars.

I also thought of buying or and basically, soon as I get the car get the wheels off, the plastic cowl inside out and spray inside all the panel areas, wheel wells, rocker guard, etc… Galvanized steel definition where my last 2 cars had issues.

Wasn’t sure if I did the rubber spray inside the problem areas, how that would work/react with oil being sprayed over top… Galvanized surface break down the rubber? drip off?

So… Will galvanized wire rust figured post here in general, and see what you guys do, if anything… 3 tier galvanized metal stand especially those (like me) that get bad winters and lots of salt on roads etc…

Back in the old days, you had to rustproof a car, this being Michigan. 2 galvanized steel pipe I bought several new cars in the 80’s and 90’s and I had all of them rustproofed by the best shop I could find.

Then the cars started to get built better; I think they use actually use galvanized high carbon steel, at least on the lower panels. Galvanized steel I don’t know how prevalent that is, but I heard that they were doing this at some point on some vehicles.

I noticed you don’t see rustproofing places anymore, and I never hear anybody getting this done anymore; I don’t even know if there is anywhere doing this at around here.

When I bought my ’16 this summer, it went thru my head that I used to always get this done, but I put it out of my head thinking the ritual has now been obsoleted.

I like how it deadens the sound and gives a much better feel for NVH, but as far as rust prevention goes, cars don’t seem to rust so bad like they did 20-30 years ago.

I debated one of those $30 oil spray guns since I now have an air compressor which is what started some searching… Galvanized steel pipe cutter read a few articles about how the metal panels were better and treated so rust proofing is not needed anymore etc… Galvanized iron sheet thickness but that said, I have a 6″ patch rusting through on the rear-passenger panel. Galvanized car My ’97 Lumina drove just fine, interior was mint, and drove great to the auto wreckers because the rockers and panels were just gone and no one in Canada had replacements anymore.

Saving up so hopefully next year I can get a new(er) car. Galvanized angle iron home depot Usually I get a car quickly because the previous one finally died, this time saving up specifically for a car and making sure 0 rust on the panels and such. Galvanized metal pail I look after my cars very well, but always get cars that are old and rusty to begin with. Synonyms for galvanized Would be nice to get one rust-free and protect it best I can.

On a side note… Galvanized steel roll I had a ’47 Dodge I wanted to restore for years, but finally sold it because cost too much. Galvanized metal panels But, panels, rockers, body was totally rust free. Galvanized steel msds Floors… Galvanized steel pipe sizes well, I guess holes are rust free. Galvanized steel rust 🙂