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I am on the same soapbox as Gabby. Crystal light coupons I am hypersensitive to aspartame and it’s now listed as an allergy by all my doctors. Crystallite drink I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3 years ago and at that time could hardly walk to the mailbox and I still had to work.

Crystal light mocktails Well, after years of grueling physical therapy, massage therapy and twice daily muscle relaxers, not to mention thousands of dollars out of my pocket, my son the aspiring doctor told me to quit the aspartame and see if it helped. Are crystal light packets good for you So I did the house cleaning like Gabby did, out went everything with aspartame in it and I no longer consumed it. Crystal light mango Well, the aspiring doctor was right, within 1 week I was feeling much better, no more fatigue and within a month the symptoms of Fibromyalgia were 90% gone. Crystal light bottles I saw my rheumotologist and he examined me and was astonished that I was pain free and hadn’t had a Fibro fog or fatigue day in a month. How much caffeine is in a crystal light energy packet I have continued to avoid it and now it’s 100% gone after 7 months. Crystal light flavors liquid Not one issue with it so far and since then I’ve had two separate female surgeries a month a part and it didn’t retrigger any of the pain or fatigue. Crystal light packets healthy My doctor is now having all his Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and MS patients eliminate aspartame from their diets to see if it helps at least some of them. Exterior light fixtures He said the research goes both ways on it and it seems for now that it is believed that not everyone is sensitive to it but when you are, you really are. Crystal light energy So drink your soda’s, tea’s, and juices if you want, it’s a personal choice but poison is poison.. Crystal light citrus energy stepping off the soapbox now. Crystal light single packets 🙂 Reply Edit Remove Like

Crystal Light is made by Kraft Foods and usually is a 5 calorie per 8 fluid ounces flavored drink which contains aspartame. Crystal light health issues They also make Crystal Light Energy which contains 60mg of caffeine per serving or 120mg caffeine per packet. Is crystal light safe to drink Currently they are preparing newer beverages with the sweetener sucralose. Crystals for light fixtures I have been informed from different sources aspartame is not healthy for you, but it is a tradeoff between choosing a low calorie taste good drink and maintaining your sugar levels and the potential or slight probability of slowly poisoning yourself with a neurotoxin substance which is detrimental to your nervous system. Crystal light peach bellini Also some persons are allergic to aspartame. Why is crystal light bad for you Sucralose aka Splenda remains controversial as well. Crystal light bad for you The only difference between the two, Sucralose and aspartame is you can cook with sucralose. Crystal light philippines I am under the belief if you try it and you don’t have an immediate reaction, such as blurred vision or your kidneys shut down, and you enjoy the taste of the product, go for it. Caffeine crystal light For me I would rather choose a sweet tasting product which helps me keep my diabetes under control, than worry about the unproven and controversial neurotoxins. Crystal light fitness I find some of the Crystal Light’s too sweet and will add extra water to cut down the taste. Crystal lite calories This helps also in making the product last longer and cut down on the expense. Is crystal light healthy for you Reply Edit Remove Like