Diy dodecahedron pendant light {and an announcement!!} krystal lite

But back to to the light! It was inspired by the Ralph Lauren Dustin Pendant, which costs about $440 for the small version. Crystal light lemonade Can you see the resemblance?

1. Crystal light pineapple Matthew Millman photography via cococozy | 2. Crystal light liquid bad for you Design by Estee Stanley| 3. Crystal light liquid Ceramics by Anne Jorgenson | 4. Crystal light sweetner Dodecahedron object at furnishly | 5. Does crystal light have sugar in it Facet necklace by uppermetalclassWe were originally hoping to share with you a full step-by-step tutorial to make your own pendant light, but when we sat down to do that, we realized that a full tutorial would be something like a 20-page deal, because this is what I would call an expert-level woodworking project. Crystal light ingredients label If you’re at expert-level and want to give this a shot, I want to show you the basic steps, but I’m not gonna lie: this is not an easy-peasy ordeal.

Crystal light bulbs (And we’re always available via email for questions!) HOWEVER.

Okay, first, I want to show you how brillz my hubs is. Calories in crystal light lemonade Straight-up genius yo. Cystal light I didn’t even know how intense the geometry and mathiness would be when I threw this idea at him. What sweetener is used in crystal light He was all, “Oh sure, we can make that light,” then spent the next two weeks investigating the precise angles of cuts he would need to make this thing happen. Strawberry crystal light Check it out.

Dodecahedron is made of 30 pieces of wood cut at very exact, weird angles. Is drinking crystal light bad for you Andy set up his digital protractor ( it’s this one) on his table saw to cut the pieces. Does crystal light go bad You absolutely NEED a digital protractor and well-tuned table saw because you’re cutting angles that need to be exact to the tenth of the degree. Crystal light bulk (!)

Then once they are cut to the exact angle on all four sides, you have to facet the ends at – you guessed it – precise angles. Crystal light calories Straight-up craziness. Raspberry ice crystal light I’m certain I would’ve given up before step 1 if I were doing this on my own. Is drinking crystal light healthy Look at those faceted edges!

I never knew I could have such love in my heart for a pile of wood, but those little pieces in his hand in that last shot? Those are pieces of magic.

Next, Andy built this little contraption, called a jig, to make it possible to glue the pieces together. Crystal light design The five sides with screws in them are made to hold the pentagons together in the right shape while they dry.

He placed five of the wood pieces he’d cut into the jig to make a pentagon, glued them together and let them dry. Is crystal light safe After they dried, he unscrewed two sides of his little jig, rotated the pentagon and added a new pentagon onto one of the sides, rescrewed it into his jig, glued it and allowed it to dry, and repeated. Crystal light punch Over and over, for each pentagon.

As you can imagine, it takes a while to do this step. How many carbs in crystal light It involves lots of waiting for glue to dry and lots of answering questions from your wife about whether it’s ready yet, is the glue dry yet, do you think it’s working?, when will it be ready, are we there yet, etc.

Not even kidding. Crystal light cranberry We left him on the mantle and stared at him. Crystal light grape We moved him into the kitchen and stared at him. Crystal light fruit punch ingredients He became a frequent topic of conversation when people came over. What sweetener is in crystal light We confided in him. Mojito crystal light We petted him gently. Is crystal light liquid bad for you We loved him, and he loved us back.

He was this pretty decorative item that just oozed gloriousness. Drinking crystal light I thought about leaving him out as an objet d’art, but Andy wanted to follow this pendant light idea through to the end.

One sunny Saturday, I took Dodecahedron outside for a little prettying up. Crystals for lights I hung him up on a dowel between two baskets and stained him with a dark walnut stain, then added a coat of polyurethane on top. How to make crystal light Then, because we couldn’t decide where to put him while he dried, he ended up chillin’ on the flagpole on the side of the house, pronouncing to the neighborhood that we pledge allegiance to Dodecahedron. Waterford crystal lighting #WeirdNeighbors

Then it came time to figure out how to rig this guy up to the ceiling, a decision we’d been mostly avoiding. Crystal light stand This is the solution we came to: we cut a piece of acrylic to the size of the top and screwed it into the wood. Light blue crystal SO CAREFULLY. Crystal globe light SO SO TENDERLY.

We found an old pendant light at a yard sale and cannibalized it for parts, then wired it up to the acrylic piece by threading the wiring the hole Andy drilled in the center. Crystal light margarita flavor (You could also buy a pendant light kit like this. Crystalight We’d planned to use one of these kits until we found the old light at a yard sale. Crystal light pure fitness Bonus: as of this posting, the amazon price for a pendant light kit is slightly lower than it cost at our home improvement store.)

And I was – and am – smitten. Crystal light liquid drink mix It makes the COOLEST shapes on the wall when it’s on, and when it’s off, well, it just hangs there, shooting awesomeness right into your eyeballs.

We’ve always thought it would be fun to open a shop at View Along the Way, and while we are 100 percent pro-DIY, we recognize there are some projects – maybe like this light – which you just might not want to take on for yourself.

So I’m so excited – and very, very nervous – to announce we’re officially opening the Shop at View Along the Way with these dodecahedron lights!

We’re so excited for this official opening, and extra mushy-gushy thankful for your support and for reading. Ingredients in crystal light lemonade And that’s from our whole family, which now includes one very sweet little Dodecahedron.

Hi! Just sent an email in about the possibility of a larger size, and then came to read the comments and saw you made the point that shipping it is the hard part. Buy crystal light online I know this wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but since this tends to be a DIY crowd maybe it would appeal to a bunch — how about selling the cut pieces for a larger size, like a kit, and we have to assemble it? I think for most (including me) the deal-breaker for DIYing it is cutting those angles properly. Crystal light lemonade ingredients If you/Andy did that, I’d happily take on the challenge (and I know it’s not simple) of assembling it.