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Crystal Light Pure, unlike many of the other water enhancers currently offered on the market, utilizes all natural sweeteners, flavorings, and colorings. Crystal light stand While regular Crystal Light is sweetened mostly with aspartame, Crystal Light Pure is sweetened with a mixture of sugar and Truvia (a solid, crystalline stevia extract derivative). Light blue crystal Now, I am not a big fan of stevia.

Crystal globe light In fact, I tend to actively avoid the stuff. Crystal light margarita flavor I was hesitant after realizing that Crystal Light Pure contains Truvia, but I am happy to say that the stevia is not overpowering in the slightest. Crystalight This is the complete opposite of what I am accustomed to in my typical encounter with stevia-sweetened products (i.e. Crystal light pure fitness teeth-shattering sweetness, thick and syrupy aftertastes that linger for hours, etc.), and it was nice to finally find a beverage that is proportioned to take into consideration the extreme sweetness of stevia-based sweeteners. Crystal light liquid drink mix A little bit of stevia goes a long way, and I think that the team behind Crystal Light Pure has struck a solid balance between the two sweeteners.

I was sent samples of the three flavors shown above: Strawberry Kiwi, Mixed Berry, and Lemonade. Ingredients in crystal light lemonade I have had the opportunity to try each flavor twice now, and I have to say that the lemonade is definitely my favorite so far. Buy crystal light online Ironically, I find the strawberry kiwi and mixed berry flavors to be a bit too tart for my tastes. Crystal light lemonade ingredients The flavors themselves are not bad; they just tend to leave my mouth a bit dry (an effect somewhat reminiscent of the artificial sweeteners found in standard Crystal Light). Benefits of crystal light I am beginning to think that this is more an effect of the “add powdered drink mix to water” methodology than anything else, and I may need to just start mixing the packets with a bit more water than is recommended. Crystal light nutrition Crystal Light Pure is intended for usage with standard 16.9 fl. Crystal lite lemonade oz. Light mixed drinks water bottles, but I have found with most of the water enhancers that I have tried recently that I usually like them better after diluting the recommended serving size with an extra ounce or two of water.

To give the packaging a rough “engineering estimate,” I would say that the new pouch is approximately 250% larger in volume than the previous packaging. Crystal light metabolism I understand that this is likely just an aesthetic decision made to differentiate the Pure line from the standard line, but there is a lot of empty space in the new pouch, which, to stick with the engineering theme, stands out to me as primarily just a waste of material. What makes crystal light sweet The new pouch also takes up a good bit more room in a bag or pocket than the old pouch, and the extra space for air in the larger pouch likely makes it more susceptible to unintended puncture-related accidents. Carbs in crystal light These are not deal-breakers by any means, and ultimately it feels mostly like nitpicking on my part, but it did stand out as a bit of an odd design choice when I opened the boxes.

On another note, my mixing experience with Crystal Light Pure has been changed for the better and for the worse from the artificial powders. Crystal ceiling On the good side of things, I have found that the naturally-flavored Crystal Light tends to dissolve a lot faster and does tend to not clump up in the water as some of the artificially flavored versions do. Crystal light green tea This results in less shaking overall to mix up the drink, which is always a welcome change. How much caffeine in crystal light energy However, I have noticed more “settling” from Crystal Light Pure, a process by which undissolved particles that are too small to see with the unaided eye sink to the bottom of the container and collect in a heap of grit that must be constantly shaken back into the beverage with each drink. Crystal light price I have, however, been mostly using 16 fl. Crystal light liquid ingredients oz. Crystal light caffeine containers to mix the beverage so far, and this may also be a problem that would be easily solved by simply adding a bit more water (or a bit less powder).