How to end all film vs digital arguments once and for all – inspired eye anil k jain digital image processing

In classical argumentation there is something called the reductio ad absurnum: It’s when you take arguments to their logical conclusion. Digital image processing 3rd edition gonzalez Example, If I say there is no truth, the reductio ad absurnum would be to ask “is that true?”. Digital image pro 10 It’s taking an argument an logically pushing it to it’s logical conclusion to show it’s absurdity. Digital image meaning I LOVE film, but I can’t help to notice a huge contradiction in the current state of film photography: Film images end up being a digital image. Digital photo recovery software free download full version Saying “I shoot film” and then showing the film work on blogs (a digital platform) is a contradiction in terms.

Film shooters are NOT film shooters because at the end of the day they are left with a digital image of an analog image. Digital image processing important questions All roads lead to digital in that sense. Digital image processing projects using matlab with source code That’s the problem of film users, they end up with digital images, meaning, all of the arguments against digital are throw out of the window as soon as they scan the film. Elements of digital image processing Whatever extra dynamic range, whatever extra color film had is gone because by digitizing the image, you cripple it to digital standards.

I saw a website clamoring how much film is so superior to digital…..on a website full of digital images of his analog negatives…. Digital image analysis pdf Don’t get me wrong I love film, but it must be stated that they also end up as digital images. Digital image sensor That’s the biggest observation I made in the digital or film discussion, nobody ever sees that so I needed to point that out.

Shooting film is terribly expensive. Digital image processing system You might bet away with a cheap camera, but the cost of shooting film adds up to a nice Digital Camera that runs on SD cards. Digital image processing questions You have to get the film which only gets more expensive, you have to pay to ship it, get it developed and scanned. Applications of digital image processing pdf BUT Digital can also get expensive, especially for RAW shooters with heavy duty cameras. Digital image processing pdf My NEX7 is unforgivable when I shoot RAW, the files are huge and since I tend to shoot a lot….I need more and more hard drives. Image enhancement in digital signal processing Plus you have to think about backing up, essentially doubling up your costs. Advantages of digital image processing If you shoot film and then scan them….it’s even more $$$!!

One thing I observed it’s that it’s mainly film who has a cult following, not digital. Digital image basics There is no “Long Live digital” or whatever. Artplus digital photo recovery 7 I personally do not see the attachment that film shooters have to their medium when looking at digital photographers. Digital image processing filters It might be just me, but it also seems like Film photographers know their cameras and lenses real well.

Extremely well put. Digital image processing lab manual The only people with any right to make claims about film are the ones who have NO digital display of their work anywhere, and just make exhibitions with real prints. Digital image processing gonzalez ppt That’s not too many people, as of today…

To go further with your -very valid- point that all shots end up being displayed digitally in the end, let me add the other side of the coin : digital can be made to look like film, either by using gear that natively comes close (a lot of older, manual focus lenses lend tons of character to their pictures) or doctoring your shots post capture… So today the “look” your pictures will have is totally in your hands, whatever medium you use.

Personally I had a very weird experience when I first started shooting NEX. Digital image recovery chomikuj I had a 5N, and this camera was so very different from what I’d used before, that to work around its annoying quirks (exposure compensation was unnecessarily complicated to dial in, autofocus was plain too slow for any comfort, etc), I started making my own educated choices about a lot of things I would normally let the camera do. Digital image interpretation It started with using manual focus lenses are the native E lenses were crap (the 24 is too wide for me and the 35 had to be released yet). Digital image processing by gonzalez 3rd edition Once I did that I found out that since aperture was taken care of on the lens, shooting in Manual mode gave me direct access to exposure compensation (of sorts), since simply nudging the thumb wheel one way or the other impacted my shutter speed, hence my global exposure. Digital image 2006 And with full time live preview it was just a kid’s game to know exactly how to nail correct exposure ! It just required one last choice from me as Manual mode will not allow Auto ISO, but once I took control over that as well, it worked beautifully. Digital image processing algorithms Total paradox : by using a then recent camera with brand new modern technology (auto HDR, sweep panorama, touch operation, etc), but reverting to all the basic mechanics of film shooting (ISO, aperture, shutter, and manual focus), I freed myself from any semi automated modes that I had used as a crutch for a decade of digital, and taught myself, on this amazing little camera, what I would have been told if I’d gone to photography school 40 years ago !

Even though I later moved on to the NEX 7 which offers much better access to various functions, and aquired the SEL35 with decent AF speed, I’m now so comfortable with my own ability to take the right shooting decisions that I hardly ever revert to A mode anymore. Digital image forensics It also makes shooting with different models much more seamless, since the fundamental mechanics doesn’t change. Digital image processing download When I briefly shot the SLT A-58 that does allow Auto ISO in M mode, I tried the feature a couple of times but didn’t like it that much, as it gave the camera too much unpredictable impact on what I wanted, and pretty soon I was back to fixed and chosen (by me !) ISO values.

What I meant to say is that the simplicity of film cameras was probably the best teaching tool for anyone to learn the basics of photography, at least in the technical aspect of things. Digital image processing gonzalez and woods But weirdly enough, a digital camera *used as a film one*, beats the analog machine by a mile to this task, with its instant feedback and nearly costless operation !! How many thousands screwed frames would you need to shoot “blind” on a film camera before you can be secure enough in your exposure and focus skills, vs. Digital image processing 3th gonzales edition pdf the immediate correction given by the digital machine, and even better now, the actual PREVIEW of your final picture given by mirrorless cameras !?! Reply

I don’t agree when you stated “by digitizing the image, you cripple it to digital standards”. Image digital camera If you made a big analog print, and then took a digital picture of it, that would be correct statement. Digital image processing software You are basically saying that scanning a negative or slide is the same as taking a digital picture; they are not. Digital image processing using matlab ppt Scanning film prepares the image for an inkjet printer, which opens up a variety of printing options, as well as gives the ability to share online. Digital image acquisition Also, you still maintain film advantages when scanning, such as the perspective and lack of distortion of large formats lenses, or the ability to shoot a super panoramic in one click, or the special organic tonal range of black and white film, or the super smooth and bright colors of Velvia. Digital image processing handwritten notes Reply

Thanks for your response. Digital image processing amazon Its alot more complicated than that mathematically with color spaces and number of grays. Digital image processing java Color spaces and shades of gray have nothing to do with its look and feel of film. Image digital comics Its about its contrast and feel. Easybib digital image For instance, when shooting a tree on a harsh lit background, film will have soft, blooming whites around objects, which a good drum scanner will capture just fine. Digital image recovery gratuit In fact, film has a much more limited dynamic range than digital. Digital image processing stanford Film photographers that have mastered color spaces and scanning, in fact, use custom color spaces more limited than ProRGB or AdobeRGB that help with proper editing. Digital image processing notes pdf This in itself would take me ten pages of writing to explain, and would make most photog’s head spin.

A good analogy is when trying to explain to people that 0/1 is zero, but 1/0 is a non-existent number. Digital image processing by gonzalez and woods People say outloud “but one goes into zero zero times, right?” They say this because they don’t fundamentally understand division, even though they can properly complete a division formula. Image digital signature Its the same with understanding color spaces. Digital image processing ppt You may take beautiful images and use color spaces and color profiles to print and edit properly, but mathematically whats going on underneath is beyond most people’s understanding. Digital image processing gonzalez 3rd edition pdf Your saying that a one hour drum scan is the same as a digital photo because they are both “imaging devices”. Digital image processing exam questions and answers It depends on your understanding of what a digital image device is, and what is contained within a color space. Applications of digital image processing Your are correct, though, that a small online thumbnail limits an analog image, but I make big prints of my images for a living, and its a different story.

Remember, all prints are technically analogue in the end, no matter what method used in printing. Digital image processing question paper pdf Many film photographers print digitally because digital printing surpassed analogue printing years ago (with my hardcore film friends, this leads to another huge never-ending argument). Digital image processing using java I remember reading that toward the end of his life, Ansel Adams had his negatives prepress scanned for a book, and he was shocked that the scanned version for his book looked better than his own analogue prints. Zero assumption digital image recovery free download He was wowed by how his film photos could be enhanced by the latest technologies.

What I have trouble to explaining to most digital shooters is that digital capture and digital editing/printing are two unrelated processes. Digital image processing rafael Both film and digital captures can be edited and printed digitally, but they will still look very different. Digital image processing textbook The proper way to think of scanning film is a “prepress printing preparation”, not digitization.

I still agree that shoot what you want, and make great images with it. Artplus digital photo recovery 7 license code BUT, one of the reasons many photographers abandoned film was that it took an insane level of technical expertise to master. Digital image processing online course Even I shoot with a D800E for certain times that I know is beyond films capabilities. Digital image processing sanjay sharma pdf However, you haven’t ended any arguments here, as I’m not sure you understand both perspectives.