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I too was disappointed to find that my local library does not offer the Hoopla service, however I found another legitimate way to use it, which has worked well for me. Digital image processing third edition pdf I am not affiliated with Hoopla in any way, just a very happy user of their new comic service.

The “Free Library of Philadelphia” like some other libraries, offers a library account for $50 a year to anyone residing in the US. S jayaraman digital image processing They subscribe to Hoopla, including the comics portion, and offer 10 checkouts a month with them.

Although that’s not as good as free, it comes out to a bit over 4 bucks a month for reading 10 digital trade paperbacks, so about 40 cents per collection.

Digital image processing tools For me anyway that’s a perfectly good value, and around half the cost of scribd and marvel unlimited. Digital image pro The library membership also would give you access to their overdrive service for prose books (that can be sent to a e-ink kindle and not just a tablet) as well as audiobooks.

I have never tried Marvel Unlimited, but I did try Scribd, and was very unhappy with the Scribd app for a couple of months even after various comics related updates they did. Digital image manipulation Problems included:

-Your downloaded titles, as well as your wish list page,list of can not display titles alphabetically, so you have to hunt around for the title you are looking for.

For me personally, 10 trade paperbacks per month from Hoopla is more than I have time to read (especially the longer collections that are 200-300 pages, instead of the newer ones that only collect 6 issues of material). Digital image processing multiple choice questions with answers So in that sense it’s the same as “unlimited” for me, I never get through all 10 in a month and find myself needing more.

Hoopla has been adding more and more DC tittles every few days, and since they also added Image and Dark Horse, there really is a lot to choose from by now, for my tastes anyway.

Here’s a list of titles I have either read, are on my wish list to be read, or are titles that I have long ago read in print, that they offer and I can recommend. Digital image processing pratt As you can see I skew towards the older titles and don’t really follow a lot of the newest stuff.

So just so we’re clear, this is not like marvel unlimited where you can dive into tons of single issues of older 60s/70s/80s material, but for any comics fan, there really is a lot of stuff to try here.

The hoopla app works pretty well, there is still some room for improvement (I have sent suggestions to the CEO which he responded they are implementing many of them) but overall the app is solid:

4-Comixology style panel view allows easier reading on phone size screen (I read on a 12” android tablet so I dont need that feature but useful for some)

5-“Tags” on the comics info page lets you quickly see all other titles in a series, by that author or artist, etc. Image of digital camera Very easy to find other titles you want and add them to your wish list

-Biggest issue is there is no 3 page preview of interior art like comixology. Digital image editing Only way to see if you like the artwork is to borrow a title and if you see you hate the art, thats it, you have used up a checkout

-You double tap to enter panel view but press your tablet’s back arrow to get out of it, which on some tablets is multiple steps if it’s not a hard button. Digital image representation ppt it should just be a 2nd double tap

-For titles I downloaded onto my tablet, when I tried also downloading them onto my phone, I got a message that the publisher restricts the downloads to one device at a time. Digital image processing gonzalez ebook That’s annoying if you want to read on a tablet at bedtime but continue on with your phone at lunch, in line at the bank, etc. Digital image processing ebook Seems like an arbitrary restriction for the publishers to make.

-Comics categories shows some publishers but not others. Digital image suite So you can easily click a category for DC, Image, Dark Horse, but not for IDW, Caliber, Titan, etc.

-Some collections inexplicably missing random volumes. Digital image technology For example we have “A Distant Soil” vol. Digital image processing gonzalez pdf 2 but not vol. Digital image processing previous year question papers 1, and volumes 5 and 6 only of “The First Kingdom” but not 1-4. Digital image processing gonzalez and woods 3rd edition pdf This makes no sense to me why they would allow this to happen, 99% of users will want to start at the beginning.

-No “lockable zoom” function like on some pdf reading apps. Digital image processing 3rd pdf On collections of older material there is a large white border on all 4 sides of the art and on tablets, we need to use all the screen real estate we can. Define digital image The app needs to add a “zoom in” slider that zooms in on the art and preserves it with each page turn, so that on older titles you can crop out all/most of the white borders and use all of your screen space.

In that same vein, for anyone who does a ton of digital comics reading, I cannot recommend enough the 12” screen tablet that samsung makes, it’s the only one out there bigger than 10” to my knowledge. Digital image processing by gonzalez The extra 2” makes a huge difference and is pretty much the same size as a printed comic (whereas 10” tablets are more “digest size”)