Influence of atmospheric precipitation on soil leaching and desalinization in semi-humid region advanced drainage systems canada

The average annual precipitation on the North China Plain is 500–600 mm, 74 % of which occurs during the rainy season (July and August) producing soil leaching and desalinization. Install drainage systems The effect of root zone desalinization is commonly seen after rainfall events in excess of 25 mm. Advanced drainage systems reviews The key to enhancing the effect of salt leaching and desalinization lies in setting up drainage facilities and water management. Advanced drainage systems inc ohio Until 1975, the five tributary systems of Haihe River had their own drainage outlets to drain flood, excessive rainwater and saline groundwater. Advanced drainage systems jackson ms Together with the water drainage a lot of salt drained into the sea. Advanced drainage systems eagle grove iowa Large-scale exploitation and utilization of groundwater for irrigation started in the 1970’s. Sustainable urban drainage systems suds Groundwater extraction for irrigation has resulted in a reduction in both the groundwater table and phreatic water evaporation.

Sustainable drainage systems a guide for developers Rainfall infiltration has increased and the effect of salt leaching and desalinization by rainfall had been enhanced and the quality of the groundwater has improved due to recharge by rainwater and the water diverted from the Yellow River. Pipeline drainage systems The secondary salinization in irrigation districts of North China Plain had been controlled, and a large area of saline-alkali land has become productive farmland. What is sustainable urban drainage systems Additional Keywords: salt accumulation, Haihe River, well irrigation, drainage Characteristics of atmospheric precipitation The North China Plain located to the north of the Yellow River belongs to seasonal arid semi-humid continental monsoon climate region. Advanced drainage systems careers The average annual precipitation is 500 – 600 mm, but the precipitation is unreliable. Advanced drainage systems ipo As the influenced by the periodic variation of west wind circulation in middle and high latitudes, the variation of precipitation between years is very unstable. Surface and subsurface drainage systems There were often occurred consecutive wet years and dry years or wet year and dry year appeared alternatively. Advanced drainage systems emitter Under the influence of monsoon climate, the precipitation is concentrated in summer, mainly in July and August. Advanced drainage systems stock symbol The summer precipitation in Nanpi County accounted for 74 % of the whole year, in spring and autumn were 11 % and 13%, in winter was only 2%. Advanced drainage systems phone number This rainfall pattern creates the following characteristics: drought in spring and waterlogging in summer, then drought in autumn and winter again, drought and waterlogging occur alternatively. Sustainable urban drainage systems design manual In dry spring and autumn, salt accumulates in soil, and in wet summer, desalinization of soil occurs.

ABSTRACT: Drought stress is a serious abiotic factor inhibiting nutrient acquisition by roots and limiting cereal crop production in Asian Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Advanced drainage systems sebring fl Many studies revealed that balanced fertilization can improve photosynthetic activity by stabilizing superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, improve proline, abscisic acid (ABA) and make the crop drought tolerant with efficient root system and finally improved the crop yield. Advanced drainage systems 4 in To mitigate drought stress, along with the usage of resistant and efficient genotypes, soil and foliar application of macro- and micro-nutrients are being used in Asia. Advanced drainage systems stock According to drought sensitivity index, the efficient genotypes are found more drought-tolerant than the inefficient ones. Advanced drainage systems brazil in Studies revealed that irrigation alone is not sufficient to obtain satisfactory grain yield without balanced fertilization. Advanced drainage systems At drought stress, the efficient genotypes accumulate higher quantities of ABA and proline, and exhibit higher activities of SOD, as compared with inefficient genotypes through greater nutrient accumulation by their longer and thinner root systems with high efficiency. Advanced drainage systems ohio Under severe drought with low nutritional status, the rate of photosynthesis, particularly water-use efficiency (WUE) increases in the efficient genotypes than in the inefficient ones. Advanced drainage systems heidelberg ontario Consequently, these physiological and morphological parameters result in better yield performance by efficient use of water. Sustainable urban drainage systems Under drought, soil application of NPK along with foliar application of zinc (Zn), boron (B) and manganese (Mn) increase grain yield as well as micronutrients concentration of the grain. Advanced drainage systems mendota il The rate of photosynthesis, pollen viability, number of fertile spikes, number of grains per spike, and WUE are increased by late foliar application of these micronutrients. Sustainable drainage systems definition This indicates that, by increasing WUE foliar application of Zn, B and Mn at booting to anthesis can reduce the harmful effects of drought that often occur during the late stages of cereal production in Asian LDCs. Advanced drainage systems kansas city Therefore, it can be concluded that soil application of Zn, B and Mn in early stage combined with foliar application in late stage, especially at the flowering stage, is a promising approach to alleviate drought stress. Advanced drainage systems buford ga Another attractive environmental friendly approach is to select efficient and drought tolerant genotypes with a more efficient root system. Advanced drainage systems london ohio These findings are of high relevance for farmers’ practices, the extension service and fertilizer industry to mitigate the drought stress in Asian LDCs. Advanced drainage systems locations A few recommendations are made for extension of scientific knowledge to find more scope in support of mitigating drought situation.