Peach iced tea {with peach simple syrup} crystal light singles

While maintaining a healthy diet, I still believe in indulging every once in a while. What is in crystal light What’s life without a cold glass of sweet iced tea in the heat of summer, right? The problem when you deny yourself such little treats are that you start to resent food and resent your choices. Crystal ligh We don’t want that to happen.

I still had a few of those beautiful, local peaches in the fridge. Homemade crystal light So peach tea came to mind. Ingredients in crystal light pure It begins with a simple peach-infused syrup. What kind of sweetener is in crystal light It’s just water, sugar and a couple of ripe, juicy peaches cooked together to a syrupy consistency. Are crystal light packets healthy This is the best way to infuse peach flavor into your iced tea. Why crystal light is bad for you One could always muddle peach slices and add them to the tea, but making the peach syrup and tea separately means you can store them both for a few days in the fridge and mix up a drink whenever your heart desires. Cheap crystal lights Not to mention, each person gets to flavor and sweeten their tea just how they like it.

This is a pretty straight-forward recipe. Crystal chandelier lighting Once you brew the tea and chill it, and do the same with your peach syrup, it is time to pour yourself a drink.

Top each glass with some fresh peach slices, sit on the porch and enjoy to your heart’s content! And yes, this lil’ guy loves iced tea. Crystal light wiki And no, I don’t mind letting him have the occasional glass!!

• Black Tea: In a large saucepan, bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Crystal light lemonade gluten free Add the tea, stir and remove from heat. Crystal light electrolytes Cover and steep for 4-5 minutes. Crystal light pendants Strain with a fine mesh sieve, cool this concoction to room temperature. Crystal light dangers Combine with 4 more cups of water in a large pitcher or beverage bottle and store in the refrigerator till needed.

• Peach Simple Syrup: Peel, pit and finely chop 2 large peaches. Crystal light iced tea In a saucepan, bring 2 cups of water, 1 1/2 cups of sugar and peaches to a gentle boil. Crystal light slogan Continue boiling for 5 minutes till sugar is dissolved and peaches are soft. Crystal light vodka Mash the peaches well with a thick ladle or a potato masher. Crystal light sale Remove from heat, cover and bring this mixture to room temperature or till it is lukewarm. Drink crystals Strain the syrup using a fine mesh sieve, pressing down on the peach pulp to extract as much of the syrupy goodness as possible. Crystal light margarita Store in a tightly closed glass jar in the refrigerator till needed.

• Peach Iced Tea: To make a drink, add ice cubes to a glass and fill 3/4th of the way with the cold black tea. Crystalite drink Fill the rest of the way with the chilled peach syrup. Snorting crystal light Add a couple of slices of juicy peaches if you wish. Crystal light coupons printable Stir and enjoy!

• Add as much or as little of the peach syrup as you like for each glass of iced tea. Light flavor But if you are serving a large crowd, you can simply mix them up ahead of time in a large pitcher.

• I used loose black tea from India. Crystallight You can use unflavored black tea bags as well. Vodka crystal light Do not steep the tea for more than 5 minutes as it will start to turn bitter after that.

• Another neat trick to ensure your tea is not watered down by the melting ice is to freeze some of the tea in an ice tray and add those to your drink.

• I imagine one can make honey-lemon iced tea in the same manner by making a simple honey and lemon infused syrup. Crystal light facts Have you any more ideas, guys?

And the peach syrup is quite versatile as well. Is crystal light good for you We drizzled some over Indian-style whole wheat banana pancakes for breakfast just this morning and it was absolutely heavenly!!