Proteacher community – classroom management timers for independent reading – questions

I am thinking of purchasing timers for my third grade students to use to “time” their reading at school and home. Alarm clock time zones I have been reading Jennifer Serravallo’s Literacy Playbook and think that this would be really beneficial to guide instruction through looking at what and how long they are reading. Yoga clock timer I already do a log in the classroom that is very similar to the one she uses.

For home reading in previous years, I gave student’s a reading “calendar” for weekly reading requirements.

Free online stop clock timer (Our principal likes each grade level team to have expectations for students to read at home and I agree with her. Clock timer stopwatch app For third grade it is 20 minutes five days per week or 400 minutes per month). Timer clock Students would mark the total minutes that they read on the calendar…. Alarm clock military time not the selected titles or exact time like shown in her sample log. Clock timer school This calendar was based on the honor system because I like to trust my students. Clock timer relay Their parents did have to verify and sign it at the end of each month. Online timer clock free Each year I have reservations about this system because some students write the “required” time down, but I wonder if they are actually reading at home when I watch their reading strategies and progress or lack of it at school). Electronic clock timer 870a The big problem I have with this calendar now that I have been reading this book is that…what is it’s purpose? Is it really causing students to “improve”? Is it showing me anything about their reading? Nope! In some cases I know having the calendar builds consistency with some students, but that is hard to prove. Online timer countdown clock In other cases, like one from last year where a student “read” 10,000 minutes for the year at home, but her reading behaviors in the classroom did not match these efforts. Online timer clock with sound No wonder I didn’t see the gains I would have expected from this type of reading at home…now I know it is probably because she wasn’t reading books at her level or other some other issue.

If so, what type of timers do you use? (I’d probably have to purchase them as many of my students are low income). Online stopwatch cash clock I thought that the $1 timers at Dollar Tree might work but they only count down not up.

When teaching third grade, I had one stopwatch for each child. Alarm clock shines time on ceiling They were numbered (and so were the students) and returned to the box at the end of each independent reading time…no staying in student’s desks…each box held six stopwatches and one student per week for that box was in charge of making sure they were all returned at the end of independent reading time.

Of course, I had to teach students how to read the stopwatches and record their times. Clock timer for mac I bought them with classroom budget money. Online alarm clock timer On average, they lasted two to five years…so each year, I replaced a few. Alarm clock shows time on ceiling I found them to be very motivational for students.

Each of my students had two reading logs. Interactive countdown clock timer (I will try to attach the form I used…these were run back-to-back…genre abbreviations is also on this attachment.) One log was kept in the student’s book box, and one was kept in the student’s take-home/homework folder. Polder 3 in 1 clock timer and stopwatch Each day right before recess, I did a quick cruise through the room to check the school reading log…then child was allowed to go to recess.

The home reading log went home each day, reading was done as homework (15 or more minutes five days per week), log was completed, parent initialed it, and it was returned in the take-home/homework folder each morning. Clock time machine Students got in line with homework, and I checked to be sure it was filled out and initialed. Online clock timer bomb If not, the child missed the short recess to complete the work. Nickelodeon alarm clock time blaster At the end of the week, students used a calculator to add all minutes from the school and home logs. Alarm clock automatic time set This was recorded in my grade book. Clock online timer Two new logs were given to each child.

Students did not take home their stopwatches. Online time clock for employees free Most parents set the timer on the stove or their phones. Taco clock timer 265 digital When the timer rang, parents judged whether the child had actually read 15 minutes.