The structure of the global catastrophe (new version, 2016, with maps)

The Book “The structure of global catastrophe. Online alarm clock timer Risks of the human extinction in the 21st Century” of A.V. Alarm clock shows time on ceiling Turchin is scientific research of the global risks, which threaten existence of humanity in this century. Interactive countdown clock timer In the first part of the book different sources of global risks are examined.

In the following chapter the risks, connected with the global chemical infection, are examined. Polder 3 in 1 clock timer and stopwatch Then are examined the risks, created by biological weapon.

Clock time machine DNA sequansors in the future they will create the possibility of the appearance of bio hackers. Online clock timer bomb The conclusion is that the simultaneous appearance many bio hackers in the future is very essential risk. Nickelodeon alarm clock time blaster Even if people survive, is possible the loss of the biosphere as a result of the application “green goo”.

Then shown analysis of the risks of nano-technologies. Alarm clock automatic time set The appearance of military nano-robots is extremely dangerous. Clock online timer Furthermore, is possible the creation “gray goo” by hackers. Online time clock for employees free The unlimited multiplication of replicators can lead to the extinction of people. Taco clock timer 265 digital The scenarios of the output of robots from under the control are examined.

In 8 chapter the methods of the provocation of natural catastrophes by technical equipment are investigated. Free clock timer The possibility of the man-made explosion of superes-volcano, deviation of asteroids and intentional destruction of ozone layer is studied.

In 9 chapter the risks, connected with the fundamentally new discoveries, are examined. Online shot clock timer This include risks, connected with the dangerous physical experiments, for example, on the large hadron collider LHC. Javascript clock timer example Are examined scenarios of the appearance of microscopic black holes, strangelaets, magnetic monopoles, phase transitions of false vacuum. Timer your clock The risks of deep drilling and penetration into the mantle of the Earth in the spirit of Stevenson’s probe are discussed.

In 10 chapters the risks, created by future space technologies, are examined. Clock circuit using 555 timer The mastery of space with the aid of the self-multiplying robots will make possible to free enormous destructive forces. Free timer clock Are considered kseno biological risks.

In 11 chapters are examined the risks, connected with the program SETI. Sony alarm clock set time Is extremely dangerous the rash load of the extraterrestrial messages, which can contain description and drawings of artificial intellect hostile to us.

In 12 chapters different natural catastrophes, which are powerful to lead to the loss of civilization, are examined. Online timer clock This and the loss of the universe as a result of new Big Bang, and the eruption of supervolcano, and global earthquakes, and a drop in the asteroids, and Gammaray bursts and solar flares, and supernovas.

In 14 chapters it is told about the influence of antropic principle and observant selection on frequency and probability of natural catastrophes.

15 chapter are dedicated to global warming, in the spirit of Lavlock and Karnaukhova which can result in nature of greenhouse catastrophe with an increase in the temperature higher than boiling point of water.

In 16 chapter are examined the anthropogenic threats, not connected with the new technologies – exhaustion of resources, weakening of fertility, overpopulation, displacement by another specie, social economic crisis.

17 chapter are dedicated to the methods of detecting the new scenarios of global catastrophes. Alarm clock time projection ceiling Is examined the theory of the Doomsday machine.