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Whether you prefer to race through the waves as the clock counts down, or if you like to spend a relaxing afternoon gently bobbing down the river, time on the water is a nice way to spend the weekend. Timer clock online free It´s also a danger zone for watches: water on all sides to get submerged in, equipment to catch on, and depths to fall into. Online time timer clock But, that doesn´t mean that watches and boats don´t get along together- far from it. Online clock timer with second hand With the right choice, it´s possible not only to find a watch up for the challenge, but even one that can help you raise your sailing game.

We´re trying to cater for everyone this time, from yacht racers to leisure boaters, and everything in-between. Clock timer circuit diagram To make this easier, we´ve also got a list of features to help you work out what you really want from your sailing timepiece.

Once you´ve figured out which of these features sounds useful, and which of these sound like a waste of money, then it´s time to take a look at the watches! Be aware that most of these are men´s watches – but we´re keen to hear if you´re a boating woman who would like us to take a closer look at the ladies´options.

The main selling point of this watch is that it t comes with a race timer ( a countdown timer followed by an automatic switch into a regular time) which can be updated to match the timings of any subsequent race horns.

The watch has also been designed with smooth edges to avoid catching on equipment, and the polyurethane band is textured for better grip, leaving it suitable for racing in all conditions. 555 timer clock generator It´s supposedly water resistant to 100 meters, but we would describe it as splash resistant – we´ve heard various reports that it´s actually quite easy to fog up the display. Clock beat timer Still, as long as you keep it on deck, this shouldn´t be a big problem. Countdown clock timer music The watch also comes with a night vision mode, where the entire watch face illuminates. Clock timer baby chick It´s not the strongest illumination going, but it´s readable – and as we´ll see, this is a problem that lot of sailing watches seem to have.

Unfortunately, the dial is not well protected, and scratches easily. Free online timer clock The band itself is okay, but the connection to the bezel is not great and so we don´t give it a long life prediction: 1 or 2 years maybe.

If you´re a recreational sailor and looking for a budget buy that includes a race timer and large-print display, then this is a fair buy. Clock timer alarm The nighttime weakness is a common problem across the board, and the scratching can be dealt with through anti-scratch treatments so they´re not ideal but also not awful issues. Timer clock google It´s also a good buy if you are curious to try out racing or a watch with a race timer, but don´t want to splurge on anything too expensive until you know if it works for you. Clock timer download free Tissot 0564202705101 Sailing Touch Men´s Watch

The Tissot 0564202705101 Touch Sailing watch is above all designed for boat racers or those who sail regularly. Clock timer for desktop Its design is a strong departure from the other Tissot Touch watches, and it is above all functional (no sharp edges that could catch on equipment) rather than stylish.

Its most-advertised feature is the so-called “Regatta function” –a countdown timer ranging from 0 to 10 minutes that can be used to time the departure stage of a , and which automatically turns into a regular racing timer afterwards. Alarm clock timer download There is also a temperature feature (named metro) and a compass with adjustable east-west declination, a tide predictor and a barometer histogram that allows you to predict upcoming bad weather. Online clock timer Notably, however, all these features utilize the central dial, so you cannot track two features simultaneously. Online alarm clock uk time The touch-screen functionality makes it easy to switch modes at a glance though, if you aren´t racing.

Moving onto the material features, the ETA E48.301 Swiss quartz movement is well-known and reliable, and the 200-meter water resistance is likewise so. Clock timer for powerpoint The anti-reflective sapphire crystal is a nice addition, and there is also an alarm, tachymeter bezel, low-battery-warning indicator and perpetual calendar. Free online countdown clock timer Sadly, the luminescent hands are not very luminescent in the dark though, which is a pain for night racers or boaters. Online stopwatch clock timer Finally, the watch comes with a fold-over clasp that leaves it very securely attached – so you´re unlikely to lose this one in the water (as you´d hope at this price!)

If you like to boat or yacht in a variety of weather conditions, or if you race regularly or occasionally at an amateur or semi-professional level, then this is a good buy. Countdown clock timer with sound Practicality has been chosen ahead of looks, so recreational sailors may prefer to find an attractive water-resistant watch and let their boat dials do the work. Countdown clock timer classroom As ever, for any sailing watch, details are best double-checked with the boat´s own dials if you are boating in dangerous or difficult conditions, but it offers a good instant check-in and racing mode that many will benefit from. 1hz precision clock timer Timex TW2P44500DH Intelligent Quartz Yacht Racer Watch

Another yacht-racing watch, but the Timex TW2P44500DH couldn´t look more different from the Tissot 0564202705101. Remind o timer clock The Timex TW2P44500DH also comes in a bright-yellow, ribbed silicon band version that is instantly attention-seeking. Online stopwatch countdown clock full screen The black one pictured above is more subdued looking, but regardless of what color you choose the multi-layered dial is crammed full of sub-dials.

As you might expect from looking at it, this watch comes with many functions. 10 minutes countdown clock timer It’s main function is the yacht-racing mode, which firstly counts down to the start, and then times up to 60 minutes. Sony alarm clock time zones The countdown also comes with 3 options: 5 minutes, 3 minutes and 1 minute.

The watch also has a reliable 100-meter water resistance, useful for accidental submersion, and it´s luminous although it oddly lacks Timex´s indiglo feature. Clock timer stopwatch The 46mm case is large, but to be expected with this many dials, and the perpetual calendar is a nice feature as well as the texturing of the dial and the bi-directional bezel.

This watch is best for those who race, as amateurs or semi-professionally, and want to take the time to learn and use its mode. 30 minutes countdown clock timer The dial is not intuitive or easy to use, but it works well once you get familiar with it. Alarm clock timer app It looks attractive, depending on the color you choose you can possibly pull it off with a smart-casual outfit. Windows 7 alarm clock timer Vestal Men’s YATCM01 Yacht Stainless Steel Watch

This watch immediately jumps out due to its starkly minimalist design. Clock timer switch Staying on the topic of design, the 45mm case is somewhat large but not , and the 2 sunken chronograph sub dials are easy to read although not highly accurate due to the absence of markings. Online clock and timer The black silicone band is similarly plain but functional, although the pattern helps it avoid looking too bland and the inner grips help keep it firm on your wrist. Clock timer javascript The Japanese quartz movement is fine for the price too.

Don´t be fooled by the unidirectional bezel, or tachymeter. Online tabata clock workout timer Traditionally these are found on diving watches to measure air limitations, but this watch only advertises 100-meter water resistance so it is not a diving watch. Clock timer software (You could use the tachymeter as a 1hr countdown timer though.) On the plus side, there is a screw-down crown, so this watch is water-resistant enough for swimming or accidental submersion.

Overall, it´s a nice design if you want something monochromatic and eye-catchingly stark. Clock timer download It´s not suitable if you´re using it for racing as the dials are too inaccurate and it has no additional yachting mode, but the water resistance seems solid and so it´s a decent buy if you sail or go boating casually and want something that won´t get damaged but looks good.

There is no illumination, which is a pain in low-light conditions, but many of the highly-expensive yachting watches have illumination problems too so this is a more general issue.

N.B. Travel alarm clock time zones Be aware that the 20mm wristband is smaller than the 22mms found on some other men´s watches. Online countdown clock timer with sound If in doubt, measure your wrist or check the length of your previous band. Clock timer app On the plus side, this makes the watch more accessible for ladies with larger wrists. Alarm clock projects time on wall SO&CO New York Men’s 5018B.1 Yacht Club Watch

With a sleek black and silver triple-chronograph design, and a nicely-sized 42mm case, this watch looks classy and practical at first glance.

On closer inspection, however, the chronograph dials turn out to be dials displaying the weekday, date and hour; all of which have to be manually set each day. Clock timer digital In short, they are manual date windows, masquerading as chronographs. Online egg timer clock The 24 hour one seems utterly pointless to us, though maybe someone somewhere has a use for it, as an appointment time reminder?

In any case, the watch reportedly has a 100-meter water resistance, although we are highly dubious and would consider it to be splash resistant instead. Clock timer calculator The matte rubber band comes with a buckle and fits well, and the movement seems reliable. Alarm clock with timer Despite some incorrect product reports, there is no moving bezel.

Best if you want the looks of a yachting watch, but don´t actually go yachting or boating. Online stopwatch digital clock Nothing to be ashamed off, and it´s a much cheaper way of getting the same look, but don´t be fooled into expecting a functional yachting watch from a . Interactive timer clock Invicta Men’s 6983 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch

The gold-plated (though the yellowy-look of some examples suggests this may be anodized) bezel and royal-blue dial create a striking design, that is worlds away from the . Clock timer bomb The promise of a Swiss-parts quartz movement is also promising, if not a Swiss movement. Clock timer with seconds Even better, the three chronograph sub-dials (60 second, 30 minute and 1/10 second) all function correctly.

However, there is no screw-down crown – so this watch is far less water resistance than the name “Pro Diver” would suggest. Old timer clock toy story It´s also very heavy, and the screen is protected with a weak mineral crystal that scratches easily. Countdown clock timer online The markers are not easy to read at night either. World clock timer The jury is out on the polyurethane band: it doesn´t looks as bad as it could do, though it´s an odd choice in combination with the elaborate face. Intermatic wg1573 5 timer clock motor It is less likely to catch on anything, but sadly the other buttons and edges are not very sleek, so this benefit doesn´t help much. Alarm clock projects time on ceiling The markers not easy to read at night either.

Overall, this watch is an attractive option if you want a water-resistant watch that you can be take on a boat or yacht without risk. Emerson alarm clock time zones However, it ultimately does not live up to its “pro diver” name, it´s heavy, and it lacks the additional yachting timers of other models… so it´s better for those who want to have the look, not the capabilities… or for leisure boaters who can rely on the boat´s own dials. Countdown clock timer download Our Thoughts

So, now we´ve given you our thoughts, it´s time for you to decide! Whether you´re looking for an attractive watch that can survive a bit of sailing action, like the Invicta Men’s 6983 Pro Diver or a watch with a race timer that will help lead you to victory, like the Tissot 0564202705101 Sailing Touch, Freestyle FS85012 “Mariner Sailing” or Timex TW2P44500DH Intelligent Quartz Yacht Racer. Clock timer circuit Even if you would like the look of a boating watch, but don´t need or want to pay for the features, then we have an option for you- the SO&CO New York Men’s 5018B.1 Yacht Club.