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I originally sent this office a complaint against Honda when my window stopped working on a new vehicle. Torque converter stuck in transmission I explained that when I tried to get it repaired at a Honda dealership, they noticed the panel had been gone into on a new vehicle with 1000 miles and refused to work on the window. Ptc torque converter reviews I asked that American Honda investigate and replace the vehicle. Torque converter automatic transmission The driver window stopped working between the 9th to14th.

Torque converter problems symptoms I purchased the vehicle while on vacation in FL and had to take it to a Honda in Fayetteville, NC for repair. 4l60e torque converter lockup problems JR **, technician, asked if I purchased it new because the panel had been open previously and he didn’t want to work on it because it may not be covered under warranty depending on what was done. Torque converter clutch lock up solenoid I called Honda headquarters to register a complaint and request what I paid for a new vehicle.

Gus never called back at that time I called him. Torque converter fluid He apparently authorized Bryant Honda to do the work. Torque converter operation The motor was replaced. What a torque converter does And a week after the window was fixed, it stopped working on Saturday, 5/15. What torque converter do i need Thus, I’m submitted another complaint as a manufacturer’s defect. How to fix torque converter shudder Unfortunately, on 5/16 there was rain in Fayetteville, NC and I covered the vehicle with a tarp. Torque converter turbine The rain turned into a lightning storm and I had to go out in it to try to prevent inside weather damage. Pdq torque converter I continued to do what I did all day Saturday–turn car off and on and engage the switch. 700r4 torque converter lockup wiring Finally, the window went half way up and stopped again. How to check torque converter After a long terrifying time in the lightning, the window went up. 1 torque converter go kart I called Gus at Honda headquarters Monday morning and said I’d be looking for a lawyer because now I knew why they went into the panel–the vehicle has a manufacturer’s defect. What does a torque converter clutch solenoid do And it reoccurs.

At this point Gus keeps saying take it in for the window, when it’s the panel that needs to be replaced. Torque converter clutch solenoid replacement cost Bryant Honda, JR **, said he was ordering a panel and then denied saying it. Torque converter circuit American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Ptc torque converter should assign a representative competent at finding out how a new vehicle underwent work without a paper trail. Torque converter online And one who has authority to approve all needed repair and cost without questioning warranty which shouldn’t be a factor. Advantages of torque converter To repair vehicle to new condition and reimburse me for both weather damage to vehicle and the difficulty in getting this matter resolved to include covering vehicle in a lightning storm (which incidentally took several lives in the area and destroyed homes.) May 16. Torque converter lockup symptoms 6000.00.

My battery will not keep a charge and the car fails to start on a regular basis even though I drive it everyday. Torque converter lockup solenoid location For some reason, this issue can only be resolved with regular new battery purchases and calls to have it jumped. Torque converter clutch solenoid circuit performance or stuck off My doors have been stuck both in the closed position and the open. What happens when a torque converter fails I have two young children and this makes me feel really unsafe.

The paint has already begun to rust in places where there are very superficial dents; I’ve had the car painted in several locations for this reason. Torque converter companies I have also had issues with the transmission even though it is an automatic transmission, it will not change gears properly and I have to drive down the street at 20 miles per hour until it very roughly switches gears. Torque converter perth I’m surprised that I haven’t had to get a new transmission yet. Gearbox torque converter The faulty fuel pump that I was told was nationally backordered has gone bad. Replace torque converter cost I was never made aware of any recall, if there is one? It was after two weeks when the part finally came in and only to find out that my engine had practically ceased with junk making the car totally useless. Torque converter clutch problems Unless my mechanic, whom I trust, can clean all the junk out, I have a car that isn’t even paid for that no longer works!

I bought a new Honda in the hopes that I could drive it for eight years or more. Torque converter clutch solenoid honda accord In the past, this was standard for a Honda, clearly they are cutting corners in recent years and the reliability and quality has greatly suffered. Torque converter problems I will never buy a Honda again because I can’t afford to pay for all the shortcomings.

I purchased Honda Shine during October 2009. Torque converter suppliers It was very surprising and scary to understand very serious defect yesterday on this new bike. Torque converter torque specs My bike lock has gone free while driving, diverting my attention over the handle. Purpose of a torque converter The lock assembly went down. Difference between fluid coupling and torque converter It seems to be very serious problem which is not tolerable. Hydraulic torque converter There could be chances of accident. Location of torque converter clutch solenoid This certainly is a manufacturing defect. Torque converter lockup kit I am driving this vehicle for the last six month with such defect. Th350 lock up torque converter Why has this defect occurred? It seems the bike being manufactured is not meeting standard and also your manufacturing process and testing is not capable to detect any defect which can lead to serious accident on the road. Torque converter removal I never heard such problem in other bike.

I have taken the photo of defects from my mobile and attaching the same herewith. 700r4 torque converter lockup I have already shared this photo with Ganpati Honda. Yank torque converter Beside from above problem, there is also chance of theft very easily anywhere as the lock assembly was lying in loose condition and might be removed very easily by someone. Torque converter reconditioning I request your organization to take the action on this issue. Torque converter solenoid symptoms I want a new bike as there could be possibility of other defects as I lost faith on this bike or compensation to be paid similar to chances of occurrence of any loss (accident or theft). What is torque converter lockup Hoping Honda two-wheelers will live up to the expectation of customer satisfaction. Torque converter clutch solenoid circuit stuck on Also, I request this issue to be taken up seriously as this might occur in other customer’s bike also.

My 2005 Honda accord started giving me problems turning on. What is the torque converter I was told by several people that it sounded like the starter, so I began called several auto repair shops to get a quote. Hydrodynamic torque converter First one was $240 ,$260 and Purrfect auto quoted me $216. Allison torque converter problems I also got a quote from an electrical shop that would rebuild it for me for $140. What does a torque converter look like I decided to go with Purrfect auto because I did not want to rebuild it and it was the best quote.

I got to the shop and William was in the front desk, I told him I had got a quote over the phone of $216 for a new starter. How to change torque converter He said “let me verify that” while I was there I also asked “I also got a quote for a rebuild, do you guys also rebuild?” he replied ” we can send it out to get rebuild but I wouldn’t recommend it! ” I told him, no I want the new one. Where is torque converter clutch solenoid located We went home and a few hours later got a call from them stating that my car also needed other work done that would total about $450. Is torque converter part of transmission We told him we had no more money and he insisted that we can pay half, then the other half in a week, we said “No” just change my starter. Torque converter clutch repair cost He told us that we would have to leave our car overnight, so they an start in up in the morning to make sure it was the starter. Flush torque converter By now we’re very suspicious, but we agreed.

Picked up my car then next day, was told the starter was replaced. Lml torque converter Two days later, it was still giving me problems and 3 weeks later the starter goes out completely! I had to get AAA so they can tow my car to an auto shop near by. What causes a torque converter to fail The mechanic there told me that my starter was bad, I told him it had just been replaced 3 weeks ago and he told me there was no way it was replaced. What happens when your torque converter goes out He took that starter out, replace it and gave it to me to take to Purrfect auto to prove that they had never replaced my starter.

Went to Purrfect auto and told them that they had never changed my starter and now it had went out on me. 700r4 torque converter lockup solenoid William told me they had rebuild it. How does torque converter work I told him nothing had been done to it because it went out and another mechanic confirmed that it was never worked on and all he can do is lie. Transmission torque converter symptoms I told him that I never asked for a rebuild starter to begin and he said a brand new starter would have cost me a lot more. Transmission torque converter problems I told him I had went somewhere else to replace it and that I wanted a refund and he refused. Transmission torque converter calculator I asked for the owners # and was told that he was out of state and would not answer. Torque converter explained He told us that we needed to leave his shop or he would call the police. Torque converter lock up test When I told him that I would take time to court because he was ripping people off, he replied “that’s fine! ” I paid them $216, 3 weeks later I had to pay AAA to tow me, also pay an additional $300 to another mechanic to put in a new starter.

I had a 2008 Honda Accord. Transtar torque converter I bought for my son, he is 26 years old. Function of a torque converter About 2 months ago, he arrived home one evening about midnight. Torque converter shudder He parked the car in the driveway like he usually does, about an hour later his roommate walked outside and yelled to him that his car was on fire and the fire department was already putting out the fire. Torque converter clutch solenoid circuit open (Luckily) The car was parked very close to the house, if someone did not call the fire department. Car torque converter it could have quickly spread to the house, where my son and his roommates live. Blue torque converter The fireman was pretty sure it was an electrical fire but the engine was pretty much burnt to the ground by the time they got there.

Well, we have been back and forth with American Honda trying to prove that they are to blame with faulty wiring or some electrical malfunction. 01192 torque converter lock up We have had a fine inspector inspect the car like they requested and they determined it was an electrical malfunction but they could not describe the exact wiring that was involved because of the extent of the damage. How to rebuild a torque converter Jeff at American Honda is very much on the rude side saying that we have to hire another inspector (spend money out of our own pocket) to determine the exact components of the problem, when he knows very well, it cannot be done because of the damage (the car is a total loss and the engine burnt to the ground).

This car is a lease. 5hp19 torque converter We are not asking for a new car. Wiki torque converter Is all we want is to have the same payments as before. Test torque converter Our credit is not what it used to be (we have been hit hard by the economy) we would not qualify for the original payment anymore nor do we have a down payment. Torque converter clutch solenoid 4l60e Thank you for your attention to this matter. Solenoid torque converter We just want what is fair to us.

I bought a 2006 Honda Odyssey brand new in 2006 and received the three year, 36,000 mile warranty with it. Inside of a torque converter I had very few complaints about my vehicle within my warranty period but I did have one nagging issue. Torque converter diagnosis When I would drive my vehicle for longer distances, usually over 30 minutes, I would sometimes notice a whining or humming noise from my engine. How much does a torque converter cost It didn’t matter the weather or the temperature outside, it just kept happening.

I complained about it, starting at 20,000 miles and continued complaining about it to the dealership past my warranty running out. Torque converter install Each of the five times I complained, I was turned away because the noise was not able to be duplicated. Torque converter cost After my warranty expired, I took my van in for an oil change and once again complained about the issue. Torque converter lock up solenoid symptoms This time, interestingly enough, they were able to diagnose the issue as my power steering pump needing to be replaced because my fluid was contaminated. Torque converter pictures Because I had previously complained about this issue, I told them I did not feel responsible for the issue and wanted it to be paid for under warranty.

The dealership was unwilling to help and told me to contact Honda. Torque converter ratio I was assigned a case manager through Honda and after several phone calls and repeated attempts to receive 100% assistance, they paid for the entire repair minus $130. Parts of torque converter I did not appreciate having to pay the money but did and had the pump repaired October 28, 2009. Torque converter purpose I have had no issues since until March 15th, 2010.

Less than five months with a new pump and I was driving home from work, about a 30 minute drive and the noise came back. Assault torque converter I immediately contacted the dealership who told me to bring it in. Loose torque converter symptoms I continued to hear the noise on the 17th and also the 19th of March. Torque converter location I took the van into Boyland Honda on March 23rd at 4:30 in the afternoon and they looked at it free of charge. Transmission specialties torque converter What they told me astounded me. Torque converter price to replace My power steering rack was now leaking and defective and needed to be replaced. Torque converter lockup control This was at a cost of $1565 plus taxes and applicable fees.

I immediately contacted Honda. Failing torque converter Again, I was assigned a case manager, Gus, who I explained the entire situation and the diagnosis too. What does a torque converter do on a go kart He told me he understood my frustration and would contact the dealership to see what could be done and that I would hear back from him by the 31st of March. Torque converter ballooning Today, March 25th, I received a call from Gus telling me that Honda is unwilling to pay for the repairs because my vehicle is outside of the warranty period. Function of stator in torque converter I told him I did not understand and wanted to escalate this issue. How a torque converter works I talked to his supervisor, Whitney P, and she provided absolutely no assistance, only attitude. Torque converter causing engine stall She told me the vehicle was my responsibility and that I had to pay for maintenance issues, even though I have complained about this from 20,000 miles on. Torque converter seal I asked for her supervisor’s name, which is Anna, and could get no further information from Whitney. Torque wrench converter In fact, she couldn’t guarantee a phone call back from Anna because, “She has other responsibilities within the department.”

I have discussed this issue with two other mechanics who have both told me that the contamination that was seen back in October was not my power steering pump failing, it was actually failure of my power steering rack. Hydraulic torque converter animation They both have told me that the dealership put the new pump in and when they flushed the fluid, it masked the real issue for about 4 to 5 months until my rack started to leak. Torque converter transmission I am now driving a vehicle with a faulty power steering rack, causing undue wear and tear on my power steering pump. Torque converter lockup switch 47re At any time, the power steering rack could fail causing my steering to be hard and potentially cause my tie rods to break. Torque converter symptoms This will leave me stranded, potentially in the middle of nowhere since I live out in the country. Torque converter balance Additionally, I am being asked to pay $1500 for a repair that could have been diagnosed back at 20,000 miles, well within the warranty time frame.