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Jeanne’s right. Cnc lathe programmer salary I was a freelancer for around 20 years (in the UK) and really you need to have some practical specialist skills/experience to sell. Salary of game programmer If you think about it, when somebody hires a freelancer (often on fairly high daily rates), they are doing so because they want somebody to provide specific skills and be productive from day one. Games programmer salary Even a freelance junior developer needs to be able to hit the ground running, because nobody wants to pay you to learn the ropes on freelance rates.

So I’d say you probably need to get a couple of years’ experience in a particular role, before you could reasonably expect to start looking for freelance work. Cnc programmer salary range And obviously, the more specialist (but market-relevant) experience you can gather, the higher the daily rate is likely to be.

Another factor is experience of working life in the IT industry. Video game designer salary per year Your degree may well equip you with lots of good technical skills and CS knowledge, but until you’ve worked for a year or two on the front-line delivering software in a real project environment to tight deadlines, while the users dither and complain that you’re giving them what they asked for, not what they really want, you haven’t really shown you can work professionally under pressure. Average salary of programmer Employers looking for freelance staff want to feel confident that you can do this, especially as projects hiring freelancers are often in trouble – e.g. Programmer salary canada the in-house team lacks the key skills they need, or they are facing tight deadlines and need to throw more bodies at the problem – which is why they hire freelancers in the first place.

Also, as Jan pointed out, there are risks associated with freelance work – that’s why they pay the good rates. Computer programmer salary 2015 It’s not just the risk of long gaps between jobs, or screwing up your taxes (get advice from a tax accountant before you go freelance!), but also that you have to be responsible for your own career development. Freelance computer programmer salary Nobody pays to train freelancers, so you need to keep an eye on the market, make sure you keep your skills up to date and be prepared to invest time/money in developing new skills where necessary. Ai programmer salary You may reach a point in your career where you will want to go back into regular employment, and you will need to have the right skills and experience to make this transition too.

So I’d suggest you get some good work experience under your belt over the next couple of years, and also think about the kind of work you’d like to do as a freelancer. What is a computer programmer salary Look at the job market and see what areas you might want to work in, and focus on acquiring the skills and experience that will get you where you want to go.

Jan de Boer wrote:One ex colleague of me was a freelancer, and he for example had to program legacy code in C, because that was the only assignment he could get. Cnc programmer jobs salary But then also had to know and study the latest and newest stuff for future assignments, to keep up with the market. Programmer annual salary So that would be quite an effort. Game designer salary malaysia I am not sure how often freelancers do legacy no employee wants to do, compared to how often they have to do the new stuff nobody knows about. Data programmer salary Can you give me an opinion on that Chris? I am curious. Cnc programmer salary in canada Is doing legacy as freelancer an exception, or is something frequent?

I guess it will depend on your particular specialism and how many people in today’s market are real experts in that skill. Audio programmer salary For example, there is probably a lot of really gnarly old code around in C that nobody understands any more, so I can understand why a good C programmer would be able to get contract work doing “legacy” work in C, either to maintain the old code or even to re-write it in C++ or etc.

A niche platform is also useful e.g. Starting salary for a computer programmer big old mainframe systems. Html programmer salary During the Y2K panic, there was a lot of work for COBOL programmers, because many systems were still using COBOL code that was more than 20 years old. Cnc programmer salary in australia You can still get work in COBOL, as a lot of that code is still around, but I don’t see many contracts for it (e.g. Game designer salary a year there are 7 freelance COBOL jobs in the UK on today), although the daily rates aren’t too bad if you can get one of those jobs. Mobile programmer salary In this case, that might also be because so many of the old mainframe developers were fired when the big banks etc moved their systems offshore over the last 10 years, and now there’s nobody left with those skills in the UK market.

I think it also helps if there have been a few major technology changes since your “legacy” skill was mainstream, because that means new developers probably don’t have the same depth of knowledge of those things, and older developers have probably moved into management or become since then. Computer programmer salary by state A lot of people moved from C –> C++ and/or Java in the last 20 years, so there may be fewer skilled and experienced C programmers around these days, for example, but there’s lots of legacy C code still being used.

In my case, I used to do a lot of work with Oracle Forms and related proprietary tools, which used to be one of the main application development platforms with Oracle because you could crank out a working system in days/weeks instead of months/years. Lead game programmer salary But Oracle has more or less shelved Forms since they got into Java, so although there are lots of old Forms-based systems around, few people are building new systems with it. What is the average salary of a computer programmer There are still freelance jobs for Forms developers, but like many legacy skills it’s kind of a dead end, and you probably don’t want to get stuck there.

Basically, you can get freelance “legacy” work if you have the right skills/experience, but it’s not something I’d want to base the rest of my career on.